Management Team

Manakchand Balasaria

At the helm of the affairs is Manakchand Balasaria. Assiduous in nature, he is tough when it comes to fulfilling commitments. He is the man who has steered the Group towards unprecedented success. The Group looks towards a bright tomorrow under his able guidance and charismatic leadership. He has single handedly steered the group into the real estate market in Kolkata and its suburbs and continues to inspire the generation next to thrive in the area of infrastructure development.

He firmly believes that the head of a company needs to be a disruptive influence with imagination, vision and courage to lead the organization in an altogether new dimension. The leader must be an entrepreneurial driver who can inspire his team to boldly venture into unchartered lands.

Subhash Balasaria

The man having the vision to give vision to people. The architect behind the Eye Hospital and the face of the group in public life, he is one person who does not bow under any pressure. The ability to lead against all odds and steer projects with unprecedented success is regular habit for him. Hard Work, Time Management and Working with precision are the tools which helps Mr.Subhash Balasaria to help the company accentuate the success ladder.

With a firm belief that the prosperity of our business depends on successfully developing an integrated community of motivated and innovative employees, he constantly helps to develop new and promising markets and expand the group's horizons.

Bijay Balasaria

Under the guidance of group patriarchs, Mr.Bijay Balasaria has single handedly created a brand in Ambika Silvers. Having the best of both the generations and his passion to learn, he is a future leader in the making. He focuses on overall health, profitability of brands across various markets. He is also responsible for innovation and developing new growth opportunities.

His core expertise is in the areas of managing and integrating organisation culture, performance management, organisational change initiatives etc.

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